Milan apartment in Isola


Milan, Isola, Italy






Domenico Rocca


140 sqm

Photo credits

Helenio Barbetta

Into an anonymous sixties condo that overlooks Piazza Fidia, with generous dimension housing unit and middle class details take place this interior design project.

The renovation completely redefines the bright apartment at the 3rd floor, the style is eclectic but sober, with a milanese attitude and an international vision.

Definitely flooring are the main characters in this concept, mainly made out of resin with eccentric color and designed with timber wood stick.

Domenico Rocca:

“ This project is a cocktail of different elements very much apart, but gently mixed together, and the result is a unique author’s style”.

In the bathrooms instead antique decorative concrete tiles bring back some Twenties century memories.

The connecting corridor is an another pivotal element, it has a stainless steel mirroring closet which double the space and at the same time the height is glorified by the made to measure doors with antique brass handles.

The kitchen room is refurbished with custom made piece of furniture laid-out in a green moss tiles environment. There is an ability to mix and match antique with design pieces, vintage furniture come along with contemporary objects.

The final result is a timeless look, where tradition meets contemporary and global effect.