Milan Apartment in Piola


Milan, Italy






Private commission


170 sqm

Photo credits

Helenio Barbetta

The Modern Oriental trend has evolved, combining Japanese lacquer and ornate gilt details with a sprinkling of classic Italian glamour. It was becoming clear that a new simplicity and elegance was emerging in interiors – an aesthetic that owed a lot to Japanese style, Ornate intricacy – as seen in the delicate sheen of lacquerwork, or the precise brushstrokes of a hand-painted mural — perfectly matched with contemporary design. A mixing in of traditional Italian glamour.

The result is a look that combines glimmering luxury with Zen-like calm. A prime example is this top-floor apartment in a 1960 block in Milan. The brief asked that Eligo Studio research the style of traditional Italian interiors, while also incorporating different global influences. This is how the deep burgundy, delicate gilt details, black lacquer and flax-coloured wall coverings associated with Japonisme found themselves sharing space with a 19405 Italian chandelier, Murano glass lighting and walls painted the same pale blue as Lombardy skies.

This new take on the Modern Oriental style translates very well into small space living – Japanese-style screens and partitions can zone apartments into specific areas. In this home, the panels are all able to rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to direct the flow of light around the flat as needed. Eligo Studio calls the finished project ‘shimmering’, referring to the apartments natural brightness, silk walls and balanced use of colour. ‘It’s a true expression of what I lovey she adds.

Here, the strict principles of Japanese design have been adapted to allow for personal taste and a blending of styles.

Architect Alberto Nespoli:

“Its a rational and organised way to decorate, with the freedom to experiment allowing for just a hint of the unexpected”.

Architect Alberto Nespoli:

“The addition of Italian glamour to the Modern Oriental trend results in a look that combines glimmering luxury and Zen-like calm”.

Architect Alberto Nespoli:

“This trend translates well to small-space living – Japanese-style screens and partitions can zone apartments into different areas”.


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