Locanda La Concia


Reggio Emilia, Italy




Hospitality Building


San Lucio srl


500 sqm

Photo credits

Helenio Barbetta

The old building with its labyrinthc layout and the inner courtyard immediately recall a Moroccan riad: you step into a door and a different world is unveiled.

It was born as a spinning mill next to the neighborhood old canals, then it was converted into a cloister and finally into a family dwelling. Now it has 8 rooms and a little bistrot. This mixture of inn and restaurant is it called “ locanda”, which is a beautiful and interesting expression, especially for the Italian country side that is full of wonderful but tatty building awaiting a new and sustainable life.

The word locanda trigger immediately sensations, memories and a flavour from the past.

Indeed has been a preservative restoration. The architecture has been completely restored and touched with natural materials such as quicklime for the walls and cotto tiles for the floors.

The furnishings are instead a dialogue between made to mesure pieces, such as dividing glass walls and lacquered furniture, and vintage elements that match delightfully with Eligo Studio collection The Caccia armchair is an homage to architect Caccia Dominioni and his Chinotto armchair and Chiavari chairs embellish every single room.

Room’s typology vary in dimension and style to offer a wide range of options. There is a huge master suite with a mirror wall and nice living room, the junior suite has a built-in desk to the bed, double rooms have an unbeatable comfort, a single deluxe room has a canopy bed and a private terrace.

The top floor has been converted in a small apartment fully equipped with kitchen , terrace and plunge pool.


“I strongly belive that word “locanda” is more up-to-date and fascinating rather than expression boutique hotel. Its simplicity is definitely more suitable for a small country town such as Reggio Emilia”

Ground floor is the place for the bistrot, a 24 seats room with a has a stainless steel counter and an antique fireplace placed onto a stunning purple panel.

A tiny and intimate place where you can enjoy not only food but natural wines, locals and full of life, and we are delighted to serve artisanal sourdough bread.


Living Corriere n°12 – December 2022