Apartament-Showroom “Casa Masciarelli”


Milan, Italy






Masciarelli Tenute Agricole


120 sqm

Photo credits

Helenio Barbetta

The project for the new showroom in Milan for the Masciarelli Company takes shape through a collaborative dialogue, combining aesthetics, ethics, passion, local culture, and tradition in perfect synthesis.

The key concepts of this project are: elegance – minimalism; materiality – symmetry; refinement – contemporaneity; sophistication – flexibility; tradition – innovation; Art – territory.

The passion for Art and the well-crafted “timelessness” is what unites Eligo Studio and Masciarelli. From a design perspective, warm and intense materials and tones have been favored: lime plaster on the walls; soft, tactile, and sensual, it engages with the leather furnishings and natural wood of the beams in the existing architecture, as well as lacquered woods in Burgundy, Chocolate, and Cream. The project is tailor-made.

The kitchen area is characterized by a storage volume and a volume dedicated to performance. The chef’s table, where tastings, show-cooking, and presentations take place during meetings.

This cream-lacquered volume is inspired by the plan of the Pirelli Building by Gio Ponti. A tribute to the city of Milan and the timeless. The dining room is designed to meet Masciarelli’s most demanding requirements: press events, tastings for an audience, meetings, and presentations.

Architecture is expressed through rooms, volumes, and passages. The materiality of architectural surfaces is lime or earth in the service of architecture. The colors are soft and natural. The floors are made of resin, and the ceiling consists of sandblasted beams expertly restored. Symmetry in space takes center stage.

The pulsating heart of the Masciarelli showroom is the furnished volume dedicated to the exhibition, where the prestigious collection of Masciarelli labels, awards, and corporate storytelling are highlighted.

Leather has always fascinated Eligo Studio as an enhancement of a noble material in design cladding.

The informal living area is designed for tastings, meetings, and presentations. Eligo Studio has always been fascinated by the eno-gastronomic corporate culture due to elective affinities such as: Italian identity, Art, Authenticity, and Passion.